David S. Battisti
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Current Students

Current Postdocs

Recent (2010 - present) Graduates

  • Elizabeth Maroon (Phd 2016, now Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Colorado
    Ocean Thermohaline Circulation

  • Nathan Steiger (Phd 2016, now NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow, Lamont)
    State Estimation Using Proxy Data and Dynamical Constraints

  • Alyssa Atwood (co-advised w/ Julian Sachs; PhD 2015; now NOAA Climate and GLobal Change Postdoctoral Fellow)
    Tropical Pacific Climate During the Holocene

  • Etienne Tetreault-Pinard (MS 2013, now sofware engineer, Montreal CA)
    Land Atmosphere Interaction

  • Kelly McCusker (co-advised w/ Cecilia Bitz; Ph.D. 2013; now postdoctoral fellow, Univ. of Victoria)
    Engineering Against Global Warming

  • Sandra Penny (Ph.D. 2012; now Professor, Sage College)
    Lee Cyclogenesis

  • Hansi Singh (Atmospheric Sciences, co-advised w/ Cecilia Bitz; phd 2016; now postdoctoral fellow PNNL)
    Glacial Climates and Abrupt Climate Change

  • Angie Pendergrass (co-advised w/ Gerard Roe and Greg Hakim, PhD 2015, now Research Scientist NCAR)
    Paleodata Assimilation

  • Aaron Donohoe (Ph.D. 2011; NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow MIT; now Research Scientist UW))
    Global Energy Transport

  • Robert Nicholas (Ph.D. 2011; now Research Associate, Penn State University)
    Climate Change and Agriculture

  • Francesco Pausata (Ph.D. 2010; now Research Scientist, Stockholm University)
    Oxygen Isotopes and Climate History

  • Katherine Dayem (Geophysics, University of Colorado, co-advised w/ Gerard Roe and Peter Molnar; Ph.D. 2010)
    The Asian Monsson

Recent (2010 - present) Postdocs

  • Ian Eisenman (2010-2011, now Assistant Prof. Scripps)
    Sea Ice and Climate

  • Qinghua Ding (2010-2013, now Assistant Prof. UCSB)
    The Asian Monsoon: past and present

Last updated January 2017