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This page is designed for those who are interested in learning more about atmospheric science and the science of global warming.  

I tweet about science occasionally here: @DarganF

We make video games about climate change that you can download here: EarthGames

Recent press coverage of our work:

Condensation and cold drinks

NBC News: Scientists show how a hot, steamy afternoon kills the chill on a beer can

io9: That condensation on your beer can might not be a good sign

UW News: Keeping beverages cool in summer: It's not just the heat, it's the humidity

Southern Ocean clouds and the double ITCZ problem

UW News: Remote clouds responsible for climate models' glitch in tropical rainfall

The Verge: Heavy weather: why we need supercomputers to teach us how clouds and climate change work

Hemispheric warming patterns

UC Berkeley News Center: Rising temperature difference between hemispheres could dramatically shift rainfall patterns in tropics

Essays on global warming science:

How is the atmosphere like a spring? And why do we think the "springiness" of the atmosphere will increase with global warming? Find out in this essay.

Outreach videos:

I'm helping out the UW Atmospheric Science Outreach group with making YouTube videos about atmospheric science. Check out our first video on atmospheric pressure here:

Episode 2 on how to make a cloud is here:

Episode 3: Conduction and Convection

Episode 4: Ocean acidification

Episode 5: Latent heat

Click the picture below to see a video about climate models for a high school science curriculum that's being developed by UW Education folks.