Thornton Group

Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington, Seattle

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Thornton group members

Bottom row, from left: Justin Perry (Visiting Undergraduate), Tim Bertram (Atmospheric Sciences), Theran Riedel (Chemistry), Beth Friedman (Atmospheric Sciences), Joel Thornton
Top row, from left: Reddy Yatavelli (Atmospheric Sciences), Jim Kercher (Atmospheric Sciences), Glenn Wolfe (Chemistry), Sara Harrold (Atmospheric Sciences)

not pictured: Felipe Lopez-Hilfiker, Graduate student, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences
                    Kevin Constantin, Undergraduate student, Chemistry Department

Group Alumni

Graduate Students

Glenn Wolfe
NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow
Frank Keutsch Group
Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Faye McNeill
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University

Tim Bertram

Timothy Bertram
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,
University of California, San Diego

Jim Kercher

Jim Kercher
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Hiram College, OH

Undergraduate Students
Anna Moon (Department of Chemical Engineering)
Alfredo Arroyo (Department of Atmospheric Sciences/Applied Math)
- Now a graduate student in the Laboratory for Atmospheric Research, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Oradoña Landgrebe (Department of Chemistry)
Safa Shatnawi - Now a NASA Jenkins Graduate Fellow, Department of Chemistry, UC, Irvine, CA