In order to select appropriate scenarios for climate impacts studies based on the IPCC Forth Assessment (AR4) climate simulations, we have analyzed the climate response for the pacific northwest for various models. For consistency with prior work, we include the current versions of models used previously: Hadcm3, Echam5, CCSM3, and PCM1 (CCSM3 is the successor to both the NCAR CSM and DOE PCM). To these we added 5 additional models to better represent the range of models participating in AR4. These are: CNRM_CM3, CSIRO_MK3 Miroc_3.2, IPSL_CM4, CGCM_3.1, and GISS_ER.

Metadata for each model is included in this table.

The models represent a range of spatial resolutions. The lower resolution models, run at T42 (64x128), are similar to the resolution used in previous work. However, a number of models are now run at much higher resolution of T63 (96x192) or T85 (128x256). This table summarizes the resolutions for the various models.

Each section below presents results from the analysis with some discussion of the results.

Eric Salathé

Cynthia Peacock

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