Current Research Projects

Tracking Precipitation Events

Collaborators: Prof. David Battisti, Uni. of Washington; Dr. Gregor Skok, Uni of Ljubljana.

Used an event-tracking algorithm we track all events in the TRMM 3B42 3-hourly precipitation data, as well as 3-hourly ERA-interim precipitation from 1980-2015. We find an increase in the number of events that last 1-2 and 2-5 days over the lifetime of the TRMM satellite. More details, including access to the event tracking code, output data, analysis code, and some results can be found here.

Mongolian Mountains Matter

Using the CESM model I am investigating the role that different orographic regions play on atmospheric and ocean circulations. One of my main findings is that, despite their greater extent and height, the Tibetan plateau and Himalaya mountain range have a much smaller impact on the wintertime Pacific jet than the smaller Mongolian mountains farther to the north. You can read more about this in our paper.