A Rossby Wave renaissance?

During the time I have been researching atmospheric dynamics, there has seemingly been a resurgence of interest, and subsequently publications, in Rossby wave dynamics. I suspect this is in part driven by the connections between Rossby waves and extreme weather events, combined with the occurrence of many such extremes over the last decades. Indeed, since 2015, the rate of increase in new publications on "atmospheric Rossby waves" has been about 4 times higher for that for publications on "atmospheric" topics, as found from a Web of Science topic search:
Note that the number of papers for "atmospheric" topics has been normalized so that the 2000-2005 average is equal in the two datasets. For context, the non-normalized value for 2000 was 6830 papers for "Atomspheric" topics, relative to 46 for "atmospheric Rossby wave".