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    I am interested in better understanding how our Earth will respond to increased greenhouse gases. My research involves estimating the rate of warming in the atmosphere as measured from satellite observations. I then compare these observations with global climate models that are used to project future changes in climate.

    I also look for ways to apply my skills toward other global problems and am particularly interested in global health and food security. I have been an active participant in science education and outreach and enjoy getting kids interested in science and helping the public learn about climate change.

  • research interests

    • Reconciling differences between satellite microwave estimates of tropical tropospheric warming
    • Tropical tropospheric amplification in global climate models and satellite observations
    • Climate sensitivity and feedbacks
    • Food security
  • media

Decade of heavy storms has helped Northwest glaciers, but don't expect that to last, studies show

January 2019: Seattle Times including coverage of our snowpack study.

Up to half of Arctic's melt might be totally natural

March 2017: Popular science coverage of our study on the role of natural variabily's role in sea ice loss.

The interaction between sea surface temperature and the atmosphere

April 2015: EOS coverage of our study on the role of the warming of the west Pacific in warming the tropical troposphere.

Reconciling satellite temperature trends

March 2015: Guardian coverage of our study working toward reconciling tropical atmospheric temperature trends.


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  • publications

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