RCE Idealized Runs

Run Setup:

Domain: 3km resolution, 200x200 grid points, doubly periodic
Initialization: spatially uniform moist tropical sounding, no wind, stochastic perturbations to low-level T
Run details: Low-f, ocean-only, constant SST (300K), diurnal cycle, full physics
Physics: No Cu, Thompson MP, RRTMG radiation, MYNN PBL, MYNN surface


2dsmag: 2d-smagorinsky mixing scheme, full x-y-z diffusion
3dsmag: 3d-smagorinsky mixing scheme, full x-y-z diffusion

Precip, PWAT, and OLR Animation (first 44 days)

Domain-averaged Precip/PWAT Timeseries

AAprecip AApwat

Precip and PWAT Distributions

Distributions using ALL points

distprecip distpwat

Distributions using ONLY Precipitating (prate > 0 mm/h) Points


PWAT Distributions using only Moderately (prate > 0.5 mm/h) Precipitating Points


Here's how those distributions evolved day-by-day (first 44 days)

distanim distanim distanim