Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling GROUP

Lyatt Jaeglé, Professor, Group Leader

Current Group Members

  1. Viral Shah, graduate student (2012-present)

  2. Jiayue Huang, graduate student (2013-present)

  3. Jessica Haskins, graduate student (2014-present). Co-advised with Prof. Joel Thornton

  4. Kelsey Larson, graduate student (2015-present)

Past Group Members

  1. Maurizio Di Pierro, graduate Student (2007-2013), Ph.D. 2013.

  2. Yanxu Zhang, graduate student (2009-2013), Ph.D. 2013, (now postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University)

  3. Yurong Luan, graduate student (M.S., 2011)

  4. Sarah Strode, graduate student, Ph.D. 2008 (now Research Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/SAIC, MD)

  5. Heather Price, postdoc, 2004-2007 (now Instructor at Highline Community College, Washington)

  6. Qing Liang, graduate student, Ph.D. 2006 (now Research Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/U. Maryland, MD)

  7. Linda Steinberger, graduate student, M.S. 2004

Prospective Students and Postdocs

If you’re interested in joining our research group as an undergraduate student, a graduate student, or a postdoc, don’t hesitate to contact Lyatt Jaeglé (