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I am a PhD candidate in University of Washington, Seattle. My advisor is Prof. Becky Alexander in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences.  My research in atmospheric chemistry involves both modeling (GEOS-Chem) and laboratory measurements (oxygen isotopes of sulfate aerosols).

I obtained my bachelor degree in Sun Yat-sen University, China. Motivated by my strong curiosity in oversea education and life, I attended the master program Meteorology, Physical Oceanography and Climate in Utrecht University, Netherlands. For my master project, I used GC-IRMS to determine the isotopic signatures of soil production and uptake of H2, under the supervison of Prof. Thomas Röckmann and Dr. Elena Popa.

My PhD project is about sulfur-halogen interactions in the troposhpere, advised by Prof. Becky Alexander. Our measurements of oxygen-17 excess (Δ17O) of sulfate in the MBL suggest that HOBr/HOCl could be responsible for 30-50% of sulfate formation in the MBL. Inclusion of HOBr+S(IV) reactions in GEOS-Chem reduces tropospheric Bry burden by 50% globally.

The largest uncertainty in tropospheric sulfur-halogen interactions originates from reactive halogen abundances. We need more observations!!!