ATM S 547, Spring Quarter 2018

Boundary Layer Meteorology

Canvas page (for HW grades, announcements)

Instructor: Professor Chris Bretherton
704 Atmospheric Sciences Bldg., 685-7414 (office hours 10:30-11:30 Wed or by appointment)

Lectures: Tu Th 11:00-12:20 (plus Mo 9:30-10:20 makeup lectures 4/2-5/14); ATG 610

Prerequisites: 505 (fluids) or permission of instructor

Recommended Text: The Atmospheric Boundary Layer, by J. R. Garratt, 1992, Cambridge University Press, 316 pp. (available on Amazon for $78.19; this is a supplement to my on-line course notes, which cover what you need for following the lectures and doing the homework).

Course Description:

Turbulence and turbulent fluxes, averaging. Convection and shear instability. Monin-Obukhov similarity theory, surface roughness. Wind profiles. Organized large eddies. Convective and stably stratified boundary layers. Measurement technologies. Large-eddy simulation. Boundary-layer parameterization. Energy fluxes at ocean and land surfaces (including soil and vegetation interactions), diurnal cycle. Cloud-topped boundary layers.


Lecture notes (pdf). Some lectures take more than one period to complete. I may assign a few of the lectures as out-of-class reading and use class for discussion and examples instead.

Class Schedule Notes