Compositions by Bart Brashers

Here are a few of the ~15 tunes I've written. They are all dance tunes, written within the Swedish folk tradition. I've put them on the Web because people asked me for certain tunes that they've heard or know. Use them if you like them, within the confines of the Tradition -- please don't use them for commercial purposes!

Tune Name Story Dance it's good for Sources
Finalen Written when I should have been studying for finals Schottis/Snoa GIF PDF PS ABC
Ovädersvalsen The waltz of bad weather, written while getting my Ph.D. in Meteorology Vals GIF PDF PS ABC
Första Polskan The first polska I ever wrote on the fiddle, in May 1994, the night before flying to Sweden Bondpolska från Överhärde GIF PDF PS ABC

All tunes © Bart Brashers, 1991-1999

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