Help with Radar Loop

Option Menu

  • About Radar Images - this item takes you to a page that describes how to interpret the images in the loop.
  • Set End Time - this option will put up a widget that lets you set the end time for the loop. The only dates shown are ones for which data is available.
  • Clear End Time - this option removes the End Time widget and resets the end time to the current time (which is the default). In this mode the loop will check for new images every 5 minutes and update the loop if necessary.
  • Save Settings - this option will save the current speed, opacity, loop length, Google map type, map zoom, and map center in a HTTP cookie. These will become your defaults whenever you go to the radar loop page. Note that cookies are usually stored on your computer by the browser in its own area. Thus if you go to another computer, or another browser on the same computer, the cookie (and thus the defaults) may be different.
  • Clear Settings - this option will clear the saved settings by deleting the cookie set by the "Save Settings" option.
  • Show Mask - this option will put up a mask showing areas where the radar signal is blocked by topography. You may occasionally see "echos" in these areas, but they are usually false echoes.
  • Clear Mask - this option turns off the mask.
  • Show URL - this option will pop up a window showing a URL you can use to go back to the exact same loop that is running at that time you choose this option. See discussion on "URL format" below for more details.
  • Help - this page.

URL format


Arguments can be added onto the end of the URL for radar loop page that will set up initial values for the settings. To specify arguments, just add a "?" at the end of the URL and separate the arguments with a "&", for example:

The available arguments are:

  • speed=n - speed in frames/sec from 1 to 20.
  • opacity=n - opacity of the radar image in percent from 0 to 100.
  • length=n - loop length in hours from 1 to 8.
  • type=xxx - type of base map - hybrid, roadmap, satellite, or terrain.
  • zoom=n - zoom factor from 6 to 10.
  • center=lat;lng - center of the map in degrees of latitude and longitude. West longitude is negative.
  • end=date - end time of loop formated as "dmmmyyyy;hh:mm". For example "6Nov2010;14:00". The time is for the Pacific time zone.