The MM5 ensemble system is run once daily for 48h using different intializations and physics packages.
A regional air quality model (CALGRID) is run daily forced by the real-time MM5

The MM5 model is run twice a day for 60h at 36, 12 and 4-km horizontal resolution

A distributed hydrologic model (DHSVM) is run daily, using precipitation and other fields from the real-time MM5
Smoke & Fire
Weather predictions, fire danger, and smoke dispersion for the Northwest
Weather observations/forecasts and road conditions for WA State roadways
Online access to all available weather observations over the Northwest.

Organization and Goals

The regional environmental forecasts are supported by the Northwest Regional Modeling Consortium, a group of local, state, and Federal agencies and cooperating private companies.

The goals of this effort are to produce operational atmospheric, hydrologic, and air quality forecasts over the Northwest. The centerpiece of the effort is the Penn State/NCAR mesoscale model (MM5), which produces high-resolution atmospheric forecasts that are used to drive a collection of environmental modeling systems.