Faculty: Research Associate & Postdoctoral Researcher

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Min-Seop Ahn, Research Associate

Min-Seop Ahn
Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, Seoul National University
MJO dynamics and prediction, climate modeling
Room: ATG 611
Email: minseop@uw.edu

Daniel Amrhein, see Visitors



Noah Brenowitz, Research Associate


Noah Brenowitz
Ph.D., Atmosphere-Ocean Science and Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
Tropical meteorology, moist convection parametrization, machine learning.
Room: ATG 622
Email: nbren12@uw.edu


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Blaz Gasparini, Research Associate


Blaz Gasparini
Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, ETH Zürich

Impacts of clouds on climate, cloud (micro)physics with a focus on high clouds, their description in climate models, and their cloud radiative effects,  geoengineering.

Room: ATG 714
Email: blazg@uw.edu

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Kevin Haghi, Research Associate

Kevin Haghi
Ph.D., Meteorology, University of Oklahoma
Wave dynamics, operational forecasting of atmospheric bores, sensitivity of lower-tropospheric gravity waves to changes/errors in initial conditions.
Room: ATG 318
Email: khaghi@uw.edu

Hannah Horowitz, Research Associate


Hannah Horowitz
Ph.D., Earth & Planetary Sciences, Harvard University
Anthropogenic impacts on climate & the environment: sea-salt aerosol from sea ice, chemistry-climate interactions, atmospheric chemistry modeling, mercury biogeochemistry.
Room: ATG 420
Email: hmhorow@uw.edu

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Ben Lee, Research Associate


Ph.D., Engineering Sciences, Harvard University
Development and field-deployment of a dual-laser absorption spectrometer to measure atmospheric HONO and NO at a New England forest.
Room: ATG 511
Email: benhlee@uw.edu

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Brett Palm, Research Associate

Brett Palm
Ph.D., Atmospheric Chemistry, University of Colorado at Boulder
Atmospheric chemistry; secondary organic aerosol formation and composition; biomass burning emissions; mass spectrometry.
Room: ATG 511
Email: bbpalm@uw.edu

Luke Parsons, Research Associate

Luke Parsons
Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona
Geosciences; using last Millennium Reanalysis to study paleo-inferred climate dynamics. Examine effects of climate variability and change on harmful algal blooms.
Room: ATG 522
Email: lakp@uw.edu

Cristian Proistosescu, Research Associate


Ph.D., Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University

Climate sensitivity, paleoclimate, statistics.

Room: ATG 712

Email: cproist@uw.edu

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Oliver Watt-Meyer, see Visitors <

Robert Wills, Research Associate


Ph.D., Environmental Science and Engineering, California Institute of Technology
Decadal variability of the Earth's atmosphere and ocean using a hierarchy of climate models.
Room: ATG 712
Email: rcwills@uw.edu

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Hannah Zanowski, Research Associate


Hannah Zanowski
Ph.D., Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University

Large scale ocean physics.

Room: ACC 172
Email: zanowski@uw.edu

Xiaoli Zhou, Research Associate

Xiaoli Zhou
Ph.D., Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, McGill University
The evolution of mesoscale variability and cloud-aerosol interaction in cloud-top boundary layers, primarily using cloud-resolving and large-eddy simulation models.
Room: ATG 611
Email: xiaoliz@uw.edu

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