The Global Hawk—Houze group's latest project

I thought you all might be amused to see this photo of one of the two large pilotless aircraft that our group is involved with for the next few weeks. These Global Hawks are loaded with instruments and will be making remote measurements and dropping sondes while flying over and around hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf for the next few weeks. They are flying out of the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Jennifer DeHart and I will be there for the next two weeks as part of the Science Team. The NASA Project Scientist for this "HS3" project is Dr. Scott Braun who got his Ph.D. from our Department. Deanna Hence got her degree from us this past year will also be there as part of her new post doc assignment with NASA.

Prof. Robert Houze

Global Hawk at hangar

Backing into the Wallops Flight Facility N-159 Hangar with the P-3 (2012). Photo courtesy of NASA Wallops.

Global Hawk landed

First Landing of AV-6 at Wallops (2012). Photo courtesy of NASA Wallops.