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Mars Image Mosaics and Meteorology

Welcome to the VIKING Computer Facility Mars Pages. This page contains meteorlogical data from the Viking Landers, images from Mars gathered by the Viking orbiters, and other Mars related information. The meteorological data were obtained and produced by James Tillman and his staff at the University of Washington, supported by the NASA Mars Data Analysis and Planetary Atmospheres Programs. The digital Mars images contained here were compiled by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) under funding provided by NASA through its Geology and Geophysics Program at NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC. Both can be found at the Atmospheric Sciences Department, University of Washington, Seattle Washington, (

Mars Meteorology

Mars Image Mosaics

A brief description of Martian meteorology from the Viking Lander perspective is presented in the Mars component of Live from Earth and Mars.

We gratefully acknowledge:
George LeCompte: Volunteer contribution of 2 days/week to revise Prime Viking software, develop MathCad fluid dynamics applications and comprehensive reanalysis of fundamental heat transfer data.

Don Shifris and Matt Weber, 1st Solutions, Inc.: Donation of Prime Computer systems and components allowing us to keep our Prime computer operational, thereby archiving and processing data from the Viking mission.

This page was created by David Warren, System Programmer.

Software, computers and corporate support are needed for the development of our NASA Sponsored Live from Mars program. It features the Mars Pathfinder, which launches December 1996 and arrives on the surface of Mars approximately July 4, 1997. For information please contact:

James E. Tillman
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Dept. Of Atmospheric Sciences, box 351640
University of Washington
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Viking Meteorology Science Team
Pathfinder Atmospheric Structures/Meteorology Science Advisory Team.
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