9.4 Colormap Type (-c)

SatView may be instructed to use static or dynamic colormaps. Dynamic color maps are more versatile, but they cause potentially annoying flashing as you move the cursor in and out of SatView's windows. You may specify dynamic color maps via the command line by starting SatView thusly:

% satview -c dynamic

A dynamic color map is a `virtual' color map that is swapped into your display's hardware color map whenever the cursor is in the application's window. The system color map is restored when the cursor leaves the window. The result is an abrupt change in screen colors as the cursor is moved. SatView must use dynamic color maps to save and restore session files correctly.

A static color map is one that shares the system's hardware color map. Since there is only one of these, no swapping is done and no flashing occurs. However, SatView requires quite a few colors, and there is no guarantee your system will have enough colors available in its color map (it is shared among all applications). SatView will tell you if there are insufficient colors available.