9.2 Batch Mode (-b)

It is possible to use SatView as a noninteractive image-rendering tool by specifying the -b option on the command line. This option places SatView in batch mode. In this mode, SatView will create images for each of the files named on the command line, and then save all of the images ( in XWD or PostScript format). No user interaction is expected or permitted. This mode is useful when images of large data files are desired but the user does not wish (or need) to watch as SatView processes them. The -b option must be followed by a filename for the output files as in the following example:

% satview -b output_file image.*

In the example, SatView will process all files matching the pattern image.*. It will then save the images. If the output format is XWD, then a series of X window dump files will be saved with filenames of the form output_file.001.xwd, output_file.002.xwd, etc. If the output format is PostScript, then the files will have ps extensions rather than xwd.