8.2 Labels

The user may add custom labels to the map. These labels may be arbitrary text, or a latitude or longitude label. To activate the Labels popup, choose Labels from the Utility menu. The panel will appear.

First, select the type of label desired. It may be Lat, Lon or Text. Then specify the position at which to display the label. You may type this into the designated fields, but the easiest way is to simply click the left mouse button at the desired coordinates on the current map projection. Since the label position is stored as world coordinates, the label will appear at the same position on the globe even if you change map projections. Next, if a text label is being added, type the text into the appropriate field. Then select the button labeled Add. If, on the other hand, it is a Lat or Lon label, selecting the Add button will add the label to the map at the specified position. Note that Lat and Lon values are rounded to the nearest grid increment.

To delete labels, select the labels you want to remove from the scrolling list, then select the Delete Labels button.