7. Properties

There are a number of parameters that the user may set interactively to control the way data is rendered. To change the drawing parameters, select the Properties button. A new window will appear containing a number of choice-boxes, sliders, and text items. Use these controls to change the drawing parameters. The Properties window actually contains four different panels of items you may change. You may only view one panel at a time and you select the current panel via the Set Properties for items at the top of the Properties window. The four panels are discussed below.

To set a parameter, either click on the appropriate check box, or drag the slider until the desired value for the parameter is displayed, or type in the desired value after clicking in the text field. Be sure to type a carriage return after typing in a new value. When you have made all your changes, click on the Set button. No changes will take effect until this is done.

Each of the following parameters may be set to a user-specified default via the .xresources file.