7.4.1 Output Format

This is the format of the files created by the Dump Image to File item in the File menu. Output may be saved in one of several data formats:

  1. XWD, or X window dump format which can be redisplayed with xwud or translated to other formats through a multitude of tools commonly available.
  2. PS Image Dump creates a postscript image containing a pixel-by-pixel copy of the image area. This is good for obtaining a hard copy. In fact, the Hard Copy operations invoked through the File menu use this format. However, the resolution of the screen is probably lower than the resolution of your PostScript printer. Thus, an image that looked fine on the screen may look coarse or jagged when it is printed. Use the PS option to get PostScript output that takes advantage of your printer's (or other PostScript device's) superior resolution.
  3. PS creates a PostScript version of the image that was sent to the screen. When you select this format and choose Dump Image to File from the File menu, the current image is recomputed (using the current properties). As each graphics command is sent to your X display, a PostScript version of it is sent to the PostScript file. These files can get extremely large, particularly for complex satellite images. This format should probably only be used for such images when it is critical to obtain high-quality hard copy. It may be used routinely for overlays and filled contours. In most cases, the quality of these images will be only marginally better than those created via PS Image Dump, but the output files can be many times larger.
  4. GKS Metafile format is still experimental. It may or may not be included in future releases of SatView, depending on its usefulness and the success of this implementation.