7.2.12 Number of Vectors Across

The panel item called Number of Vectors Across lets you specify how many vectors (of the magnitude specified by Standard Vector Magnitude) you think ought to fit across your current image area. You may have to experiment with it to determine the best value to use.

Rules of thumb:

  1. If you are happy with what you get with the default settings, DON'T USE THIS. Just leave it at zero or it will only become confusing.
  2. If you are plotting UNGRIDDED vectors, use only this item to alter the size of the vectors. Standard Vector Magnitude can be left at zero.
  3. If you need to calibrate two disparate vector datasets to the same scale, SET BOTH Number of Vectors Across and Standard Vector Magnitude and use the same values for all datasets. These two values represent the quantities that SatView uses internally to compute the size of the vectors. If you set them manually, you will have complete control. If you leave either one at zero, SatView will take its best guess at a reasonable value (for each dataset).
  4. If you are confused, leave them both at zero. The drawback with using this panel item is that you will need to change it each time you zoom in or out. So unless you have a good reason to set it manually (and many people will), you should just leave it at zero.