4.6 Save Session

It is possible to `save' your SatView session so you can pick up again later where you left off. If you choose this menu item, you will be prompted for an output filename. All of the pertinent information (and all images) will be saved in that file. To pick up again later, simply tell SatView to load that file in the same manner you would specify any other file (i.e., on the command line, from the file chooser, or via drag-and-drop). A couple of caveats are in order:

(1) Session files can be enormous. Remember, you are saving every image you have rendered during that session pixel by pixel.

(2) There is an unavoidable bug whereby there is no guarantee the restored images will use the proper colors unless you start SatView in both instances using dynamic colormaps (via the command line option -c dynamic). The bug is caused by the inflexibility of Sun's software, and the result is that some (or even all) of the image colors could be wrong.