10. Defaults

When SatView starts up, it consults a file for the user's preferences for quite a few parameters. By default, this file is the .satviewrc file in the user's home directory. In this file, the user may specify a default map projection, or a default map color to be used each time SatView draws a map. However, the Properties popup window is provided to eliminate the need to manually change attributes via this file. The only parameter not covered by the Properties popup window is color choice. It is preferable to save your preferences via the Properties window than to hand-edit the .satviewrc file.

Entries in the .satviewrc file are identical to those in a .xresources file, and should be of the form:

satview.param: value

where param is one of the parameter names described below, and value is one of the legal values for that parameter.

Use the -d.satviewrc file.

A .satviewrc file is written automatically to the user's home directory when Save Properties is chosen from the File menu.

The parameters and values are listed alphabetically within the .satviewrc file.