The goal of the Graduate Climate Conference (GCC) is to provide a discussion forum for graduate students undertaking research on climate and climate change in an array of disciplines, including atmospheric, biological, earth and ocean sciences. We seek to share new techniques and avenues of research, discuss recent findings and their implications, and consider the major questions in the future of climate research. The format is designed to encourage new climate scientists to grow acquainted with the details of diverse areas of climate research and to place their own research in the broader context of the climate science community. We envision fostering connections that will lead to future collaborations across disciplines and between institutions.

The 2012 event at the University of Washington's Charles L. Pack Forest marks the sixth GCC. It is the direct result of a decision made by a group of graduate students from several climate science disciplines at the University of Washington to design, organize, and orchestrate a conference for students from a variety of backgrounds. We hope this event and others like it will continue in the years to come, welcoming new participants to share and expand knowledge of climate science.

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Graduate Climate Conference: Our Vision

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