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Thomas P. Ackerman
Becky Alexander
David S. Battisti
Cecilia Bitz
Christopher S. Bretherton
Dale R. Durran
Dargan M.W. Frierson
Qiang Fu
Gregory J. Hakim
Dennis L. Hartmann
Robert A. Houze
Lyatt Jaeglé
Daniel A. Jaffe
Clifford F. Mass
Peter B. Rhines
Joel Thornton
John M. Wallace
Stephen G. Warren
Robert Wood

Academic Faculty   
Tom Ackerman

Thomas P. Ackerman, Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington

Director, Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO)
Clouds; radiation; remote sensing; aerosols; global climate change.
JISAO, 144 ACC Building, Phone (206) 221-2767 (for both offices)
Box 355672, Seattle WA, 98195-4235
Atmospheric Sciences, 720 ATG, Phone (206) 221-2767

Becky Alexander Becky Alexander, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
Paleoclimate; atmospheric chemistry; aerosols; stable isotope geochemistry.
306 ATG, Phone (206) 543-0164
David Battisti David S. Battisti, Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington
Large-scale atmosphere-ocean dynamics; tropical circulation; physics of natural variability in Arctic climate; climate dynamics; paleoclimate.
304 ATG, Phone (206) 543-2019
Cecilia Bitz, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington
High-latitude Climate; climate dynamics.
502 ATG, Phone (206) 543-1339
Christopher S. Bretherton, Professor
Joint Professor, Atmospheric Sciences and Applied Mathematics
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Role of clouds in atmospheric convection and climate; boundary layer meteorology; numerical modeling; tropical meteorology.
704 ATG, Phone (206) 685-7414
Dale Durran Dale R. Durran, Professor and Chair
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Atmospheric dynamics; numerical methods and atmospheric modeling; mountain meteorology; mesoscale meteorology.
408A ATG, Phone (206) 543-7440 or
Dargan Frierson Dargan M.W. Frierson, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Princeton University
Atmospheric general circulation; water vapor; climate change.
606 ATG, Phone (206) 685-7364
Qiang Fu Qiang Fu, Professor
Ph.D., University of Utah
Atmospheric radiation; cloud/aerosol/radiation/climate interactions, remote sensing.
308 ATG, Phone (206) 685-2070
Greg Hakim Gregory J. Hakim, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University at Albany, State University of New York
Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology; atmospheric dynamics; stratified turbulence.
602 ATG, Phone (206) 685-2439
Dennis Hartmann Dennis L. Hartmann, Professor
Ph.D., Princeton University
Climate change; dynamic meteorology; radiation and remote sensing.
710 ATG, Phone (206) 543-7460
Robert Houze Robert Houze, Professor
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mesoscale meteorology, cloud physics and dynamics; radar meteorology; tropical and mountain meteorology.
604 ATG, (206) 543-6922
Lyatt Jaegle Lyatt Jaeglé, Associate Professor
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Atmospheric chemistry; tropospheric and stratospheric photochemistry; chemical modeling of atmospheric observations; influence of human activities on the composition of the atmosphere.
302 ATG, Phone (206) 685-2679
Daniel Jaffe Daniel A. Jaffe, Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington
Atmospheric chemistry; air pollution; long range transport of pollutants; photochemistry.
UW-Bothell, Box 358530, Bothell, WA 98011,
Phone (425) 352-5357
Cliff Mass Clifford F. Mass, Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington
Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology.
612 ATG/608 ATG, Phone (206) 685-0910
Peter Rhines Peter B. Rhines, Professor
Joint Professor, Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences
Ph.D., Trinity College, University of Cambridge
Theoretical physical oceanography; geophysical fluid dynamics; general circulation of the atmosphere and ocean.
School of Oceanography, Box 355351, Seattle, WA 98195
Phone (206) 543-0593
Joel Thornton Joel Thornton, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Atmospheric Chemistry; in situ and laboratory studies of homogeneous and heterogeneous atmospheric chemical processes; air pollution; atmosphere-biosphere interactions.
506 ATG, Phone (206) 543-4010
Mike Wallace John M. Wallace, Professor
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Atmospheric general circulation; climate variability.
Atmospheric Sciences, Box 351640, Seattle, WA, 98195-1640
504 ATG, Phone (206) 543-7390, Fax (206) 543-0308
Steve Warren Stephen G. Warren, Professor
Joint Professor, Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysics
Ph.D., Harvard University
Atmospheric radiation; radiative properties of clouds, snow, and sea ice; Antarctic climate.
524 ATG, Phone (206) 543-7230
Robert Wood Robert Wood, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Atmospheric Physics, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), UK
Boundary layer cloud structure, cloud microphysics, remote sensing.
718 ATG, Phone (206) 543-1203
Revised: 5.4.10
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