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Marcia B. Baker
Robert A. Brown
Joost A. Businger
Robert J. Charlson
Robert G. Fleagle
Halstead Harrison
Conway B. Leovy
Gary A. Maykut
Edward S. Sarachik
James E. Tillman
Norbert Untersteiner

Emeritus Faculty
Marcia Baker Marcia Baker, Professor Emeritus
Joint Professor in Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences
Ph.D., University of Washington
Cloud microphysics; electrification.
326 ATG, Box 351310
Univ. of Washington, Seattle WA 98195
Phone (206) 685-3799
Fax (206) 543-0489
Bob Brown Robert A. Brown, Research Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., University of Washington
Geophysical fluid dynamics; planetary boundary layers; air-sea interaction; turbulence; satellite remote sensing.
322 ATG, Phone (206) 543-8438
Joost Businger Joost A. Businger, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., State University, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Air-sea interaction; boundary layer meteorology; atmospheric turbulence.
Robert Charlson Robert J. Charlson, Professor Emeritus
Atmospheric Sciences and Chemistry
Ph.D., University of Washington
Atmospheric chemistry; aerosol physics; aerosol/cloud/climate interaction; aerosol and cloud instrumentation.
034 Chemistry Library, Phone (206) 543-2537
Robert G. Fleagle Robert G. Fleagle, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., New York University
Air-sea interaction; science policy.
326 ATG, Phone  (206) 685-3799
Halstead Harrison Halstead Harrison, Associate Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Stanford University
Atmospheric chemistry; dispersion modeling; radiative transfer.
428 ATG, Phone (206) 543-4586
Conway Leovy Conway B. Leovy, Professor Emeritus
Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysics
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Climatic role of clouds; planetary atmospheres and astrobiology; upper atmosphere circulation and dynamics.
322 ATG, Phone (206) 543-8438
Gary Maykut Gary A. Maykut, Professor Emeritus
Joint Research Professor, Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysics
Ph.D., University of Washington
Polar air-sea-ice interaction; radiative transfer in ice and snow.
Ed Sarachik Edward S. Sarachik, Professor
Ph.D., Brandeis University
Atmospheric dynamics; large-scale atmosphere-ocean interactions; greenhouse warming; equatorial dynamics; El Niņo/Southern Oscillation; climate change.
156A ACC Bldg., Phone (206) 543-6720
James E. Tillman, Research Professor Emeritus
M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mars meteorology: global oscillations, great dust storms and planetary boundary layer of Earth and Mars; humidity, temperature and wind instrumentation; K-12 and public outreach programs.
428 ATG, Phone (206) 543-4586
Norbert Untersteiner Norbert Untersteiner, Professor Emeritus
Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysics
Sydney Chapman Professor of Physical Sciences, U of Alaska
Ph.D., Innsbruck University, Austria
Air-sea-ice interaction; polar climatology; sea ice physics.
Revised: 12.01.09
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