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Student ID/Bus Pass

Grad Program Guide

Payroll and Tuition

Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan (GAIP)

Settling In - Offices, computers, keys, etc.

Washington State Residency

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Final Transcript with Degree Statement


Registration Instructions for Autumn Quarter

Before registering, you will need:

To register for classes:

  • Go to MyUW
  • Register for all of the following courses (required):
    1. ATM S 501 Intro to Atmospheric Physics & Chem (5 cr)
    2. ATM S 505 Fluid Dynamics (4 cr)
      ATM S 503 Atmos Motions I (3 cr)
      (see your adviser or the GPC if you are not sure which course to take)
    3. ATM S 520 Atmos Sci Colloquium (1 cr)
    4. ATM S 521 Seminar-Atmos & Climate Dynamics (1 cr)
      ATM S 523 Seminar-Atmos Physics & Chem (1 cr)
    5. One Applied Math course (see your adviser or the GPC for assistance in selecting a course)
      Recommended AMATH courses:
      AMATH 501 Vector Calc & Complex Variables For students who have not yet taken vector analysis (5 cr)
      AMATH 581 Applied Analysis For students who have had vector analysis (5 cr)
    6. ATM S 600 Independent Study/Research (Cr vary)
      Select number of credits to bring your quarter total to 18.

    After you complete your registration, you should be registered for a total of six courses and 18 credits. Note that you do not need to register for all of your courses at the same time. Just be sure to be registered for at least one course prior to the first day of classes (to avoid a fee); the deadline to make changes to your schedule without a fee (including adding or dropping a course) is the first day of the quarter.

Click here for more information on required coursework.


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Husky Card and U-PASS Information

The Husky Card (student ID card) gives you access to many facilities and events on campus but it can also be used as a U-PASS* (transit pass) and reloadable debit card.

To obtain your Husky Card, go to the Husky Card Account & ID Services Center on the ground floor of OUGL. You will need your student number and photo identification.

*The U-PASS fee is part of your required student fees - since you're already paying for it, you are encouraged to take advantage of the King County Metro transit options. Click here to find out when you can start using your U-PASS.

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Graduate Program Guide

The Graduate Program Guide contains information about the graduate program in Atmospheric Sciences, including academics, exam procedures, course descriptions, etc. You are expected to be familiar with the information found in the guide so please be sure to read through it. Most of the information can also be found on this website.

The GPG and other useful resources (including a general timeline of study, various exam checklists, course schedules, etc.) can be found on the Student Resources page.

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Payroll and Tuition

Payroll - Paydays are on the 10th and 25th of each month.

IMPORTANT: Please see the Department Administrator, Jennifer Weiss, in ATG 408 as soon as possible to complete your payroll paperwork so that we can get you into the payroll system in time for your first paycheck. Be sure to bring both photo ID (ie. state-issued drivers license or passport) and your social security card. We cannot process your payroll paperwork without both of these documents. If you do not have a social security card, you will need to get one prior to your arrival - more information on obtaining a card may be found here. International students will be issued a card once visa paperwork is completed.

Once you have been entered in to the system, we strongly encourage you to sign up for direct deposit - you can do this in MyUW under the Employee Self Service tab.

Tuition - Tuition statements are sent out mid-September, once you've registered for at least one course. Those of you supported on RAs or TAs will receive a full tuition waiver. Due to payroll processing time, you may see a tuition balance for the first few weeks of the quarter – this is normal and will usually resolve itself, however please be sure to see the Academic Advisor, (Erica Coleman, in room 416) or the Administrator (Jennifer Weiss, room 408B) if you still have a balance one week prior to the tuition payment deadline of October 11. You will be responsible for paying mandatory student fees by the payment deadline each quarter.

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Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan (GAIP)

Graduate students supported as RAs or TAs are covered under the Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan (GAIP). Information on the GAIP - including eligibilty, premiums, benefits summary, etc. - can be found here.

Coverage begins on October 1. Enrollment deadline is October 31 – you are responsible for completing the online enrollment by this deadline in order for coverage to begin on October 1. You are responsible for having your own insurance coverage prior to October 1. Questions about GAIP benefits, claims, etc. should be directed to the plan administrator.

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Settling In - offices, computers, Atmos account, keys, and mailboxes

Offices - Offices are assigned in early September and are usually available in late September, prior to the first day of class. First year graduate students generally share office space with one another.

Computers - You will be assigned a computer, usually by your faculty advisor. See your faculty advisor about computer access.

Keys - Keys to your office and the building can be checked out with the Academic Advisor (Erica) or anyone in the main office (room 408).

Atmos computing account - Before you can use computers in the ATG Building, you must get an Atmos account. This account includes storage space on the Atmos server, and access to printers and copiers in the building; it also comes with an email address ( but this address is an alias only and must be pointed to an existing email account (such as your UW account). Once you have obtained your Atmos user ID/email address, please be sure to send it to Erica.

Mailbox - You will be issued a mailbox, located in room 410. Grad students typically share a mailbox so please be considerate about removing your mail regularly.

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Washington State Residency

All graduate students in Atmospheric Sciences are strongly encouraged to apply for Washington State Residency, for tuition and fee reduction purposes. More information on residency guidelines and application may be found here.

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Housing Resources

Here are some useful links for finding housing. While the department is not able to offer assistance in your housing search (and is not responsible for any listings on the sites below), we are happy to help provide a letter of support for rental agencies or landlords, if needed.

On-campus housing:
UW HFS Student Housing

Off-campus housing:
ASUW Office of Off-Campus Housing
Seattle Craigslist
Seattle Times

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Final Transcript with Degree Statement

The Graduate School requires a final official transcript with degree(s) awarded from your undergraduate and/or graduate institutions. Please request that an official copy final transcript be sent to each of the offices below:

UW Graduate School

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences no longer requires an official copy (as of Sept 2015) but does request an unofficial final transcript to be placed in the students file.

Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences

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Important Contact Information





Prof. Greg Hakim, Chair



Prof. Lyatt Jaeglé, Grad Program Coordinator



Erica M. Coleman, Academic Advisor



Jennifer Weiss, Administrator



Main Office




Grads Email List

*When calling an on-campus number from a campus phone, you only need to dial the last five digits of the number. If you are dialing a local, off-campus number from a campus phone, you will need to dial 9, then the area code, then the phone number. Long distance calls cannot be placed from campus phones without an access code – if you need to place a long distance code in support of your RA work, see your faculty adviser for the code.

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