Fellowships and Support

There are a number of funding resources for graduate students in Atmospheric Sciences.

Research Assistantships & Teaching Assistantships - information on UW Atmos Sci RAs and TAs

Fellowships and Other Funding Opportunities - a listing of national fellowships and other funding resources

Fellowship Awardees - a listing of UW Atmos Sci graduate students who have received national fellowships

Research Assistantships & Teaching Assistantships

Stipends for beginning Research Assistants in the Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences are detailed in the Variable Rate RA Salary Schedule on the Graduate School's website. Out-of-state tuition is waived and in-state tuition is paid for Research Assistants, as is medical, visual and dental insurance. Students are expected to work half-time, 20 hours per week, on research during the academic year, and full-time during the summer. RA and TA appointments are governed by a contract between the UW and the GSEAC/UAW - more info may be found here.

Graduate students are required to serve as Teaching Assistants for one or two quarters. The first quarter in which a student serves as a TA usually occurs during their second graduate year. The TA stipend will be at the same rate as the student's research assistantship. The current compensation for a reader/grader is $20 per hour.

Fellowships and Other Funding Opportunities

There are a number of external funding opportunities available to graduate students in the atmospheric sciences. All potential and current graduate students are encouraged to apply.

American Meteorological Society (AMS) Fellowships - American Meteorological Society fellowships and scholarships help further the education of outstanding graduate and undergraduate students pursuing a career in the atmospheric and related oceanic or hydrologic sciences.
Deadline: January 11, 2019

DoE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship - The Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF) program provides outstanding benefits and opportunities to students pursuing doctoral degrees in fields of study that use high performance computing to solve complex science and engineering problems.
Deadline: January 9, 2019

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships - The Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships seek to increase the diversity of the nation’s college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity.
Predoctoral Deadline: December 13, 2018

Dissertation and Postdoctoral Deadline: December 6, 2018

Supplementary Material Deadline: January 8, 2019

Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship - The Foundation provides Fellowships to exceptionally talented individuals studying in the applied physical, biological and engineering sciences.
Deadline: Application Closed. 2020-2021 application opens Aug 2019

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program - The Graduate Research Fellowship provides three years of support for graduate study leading to research-based master’s or doctoral degrees and is intended for students who are in the early stages of their graduate study.
Deadline: Application Closed

NASA Earth System Science Fellowship - The fellowship program sponsors fellowships for students pursuing MS or Doctoral degrees in Earth system science, space science and related disciplines.
Deadline: March 15, 2019

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship - NDSEG Fellowships are intended for students at or near the beginning of their graduate studies in science or engineering.
Deadline: Application Closed

Pathways to Science - a helpful resource listing multiple funding opportunities

SMART Scholarship - The Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for Service Program has been established by the Department of Defense (DoD) to support undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.
Deadline: Application Closed


Fellowship Awardees

UW Atmos Sciences graduate student fellows (past and present):

  AMS Graduate Fellowship

Michael Diamond
Casey Hilgenbrink
Johnathan Metz

Jessica Haskins
Isabel McCoy
  2012 Kimberlee Nighelli
  2011 Kenneth Dixon
  2008 Bonnie Brown
Jacob Scheff
  2007 Kristen Rasmussen
  2006 Anthony Didlake Jr.
Rhea George
  ARCS Fellowship

Casey Hilgenbrink
  2014 Jessica Haskins
  2013 Ana Ordonez
W. Andre Perkins
  Program on Climate Change (PCC) Fellowship

Michael Diamond
  2014 Ashly Specvacek

Maxwell Smith
  Dept of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
  2011 Hansi Singh
  Dept of Energy Office of Science Graduate Fellowship (SCGF)
  2010 Beth Friedman
  2007 Emily Fischer
  Environmental Protection Agency STAR Fellowship
  2011 Maria Zatko
  Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program

Kelly Balmes
  2013 Ana Ordonez
  Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) Award
  2013 Matt Brewer
  IGERT Program on Climate Change Fellowship

Lauren Schmeisser
  2014 Stephen Po-Chedley

Elizabeth Maroon
  Iizuka Takeshi Scholarship Foundation
  2013 Tsubasa Kohyama
  National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Rick Russotto
Matt Woelfle
  2012 Daniel McCoy
  2010 Elizabeth Maroon
Nicholas Siler
  2008 Anthony Didlake Jr.
  2006 Angeline Pendergrass
Marshall Stoner
  Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Fellowship
  2013 Marysa Laguë
  National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

W. Andre Perkins
P. Trent Vonich

Isabel McCoy

Ana Ordonez
Judy Twedt
  2012 Maximo Menchaca
  2011 Angel Adames
Eowyn Baughman
  2010 Stephen Po-Chedley
Nicole Wigder
  2006 Aaron Donohoe
Justin Minder
  2004 Rei Ueyama
  NASA Earth System Science Fellowship

Jennifer DeHart

Joseph Zagrodnik
  2011 Maurizio Di Pierro
Kristen Rasmussen
  2008 Qiong Yang
  2007 Reddy Yatavelli
  2006 Deanna Hence
Mark Zelinka
  Peter B. Wagner Memorial Award for Women in Atmospheric Science
  2013 Kelly McCusker
  Royal Thai Government Fellowship
  2015 Pornampai Narenpitak
  Stroum Endowed Minority Fellowship
  2015 Angel Adames
  Takenaka Scholarship

Tsubasa Kohyama
  2013 Tsubasa Kohyama
  Top Scholar Award

Sara Berry
Alexander Haugstad
  2013 Marysa Laguë
Maxwell Smith