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Track 1: Meteorology

This track provides students with a strong background in dynamics, synoptic meteorology and weather forecasting, and provides the coursework required for entry into the National Weather Service, military forecasting careers and graduate school in the atmospheric sciences. The elective courses selected for this track are:

STAT 390: Probability and Statistics in Engineering and Science (5)
ATM S 442: Atmospheric Motions II (5)
ATM S 451W: Instruments and Observations (5)
ATM S 452: Weather Forecasting and Advanced Synoptic Meteorology (5)
Recommended degree plan

Other recommended courses for this option:

General Studies 350 (Internship) or
ATM S 492 (Research/Independent Study).

Students study for exam
Undergraduate students studying together for a Meteorology exam.

Track 1 - Meteorology | Track 2 - Climate | Track 3 - Atmos Chem & Air Quality

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