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Research and Internship Opportunities

Internships provide a valuable opportunity to explore interests in potential meteorological career paths and to extend knowledge through real-life experiences.  Internships with various National Weather Service Forecast Offices (such as Seattle and Portland) as well as with local TV stations, have proven to be very popular.  [Students may earn academic credit for internships, which sometimes provide a stipend]. Several of our students have begun successful careers in TV weathercasting in this manner, and many successfully entered the National Weather Service by interning.

Other internships in the past few years have been at the U.S. Forest Service, the Northwest Avalanche Center, and the Pacific Marine Environmental Lab, as well as  environmentally oriented labs or businesses.

Many of our majors also participate in departmental research projects, learning while making important contributions to the research, sometimes with a stipend.  In addition, majors often participate in field programs.  Recently, a number of undergraduates flew on the NOAA P3 aircraft (the 'Hurricane Hunter') during a study of precipitation processes over the Oregon Cascades (IMPROVE-2).


Mt. Rainier
Cloudless day over Mt. Rainier


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