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The Department receives a wide range of weather data and forecast model output through Internet links, including surface and upper air data, radar and satellite imagery, and forecast output from several major numerical weather prediction centers. It maintains interactive software for acquiring, displaying, and printing all forms of observations and model output, as well as instruments for taking local observations.

Sensors on top of ATG Bldg.
The Department maintains a full suite of meteorological sensors on the roof of our building

6th Floor computer lab
The 6th Floor Computer Lab

The department maintains a map room on the sixth floor for viewing weather data in either print or electronic forms. The map room is a frequent gathering place where students and faculty informally discuss the current weather situation, and where students can work on joint projects.

The Department also maintains an instruments laboratory where students learn about a number of types of observational instrumentation, as well as their interfacing with computers.

Map room
Maproom and student lounge


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