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Suggested Two Year Plan for Majors

Most Atmospheric Sciences majors take their major courses during the junior and senior years, although it is certainly possible to begin the major course work as a sophomore if the prerequisites are met.Courses are offered only once per year, with the first course beginning Autumn Quarter.  It is crucial that courses are taken in the recommended sequence.

Below is a suggested two year plan for the junior and senior years.This plan assumes the Meteorology option:

Year 1 - Autumn

Year 1 - Winter

Year 1 - Spring

ATM S 301 (5cr)
AMATH 301 (4cr)
AMATH 351 (3cr)

ATM S 340 (5cr)
ATM S 370 (5cr)
AMATH 353 (3cr)

ATM S 321 (3cr)
ATM S 358 (3cr)
MATH 324 (3cr)

Year 2 - Autumn

Year 2 - Winter

Year 2 - Spring

ATM S 431 (5cr)
ATM S 441 (3cr)
STAT 311 (5cr)

ATM S 442 (5cr)
ATM S 451W (5cr)

ATM S 452 (5cr)


Drumheller Fountain and Mt. Rainier
Drumheller Fountain with Mt. Rainier in the distance


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