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Editing and Graphic Design Services for Researchers

The Edit-Design Center is a small office handling the graphics and publishing needs of researchers in all departments of the University of Washington. We provide start-to-finish support, including figure drafting, layout, copyright and permissions acquisition, formatting of manuscripts, electronic and/or hardcopy submission, troubleshooting with the publisher, and reviewing of proofs.

Is English a foreign language for you? We can review your manuscript with an ear for flow and appropriate usage. Changes can be documented for you to incorporate, or applied at our end.

Leave the details to us! Whether it's a single figure you need drafted, a "human touch" scanning project, a logo for your field campaign, help with your newsletter, or user-experience evaluation of your web presence, the Edit-Design Center helps you stay focused on your research.

Pricing available upon request.

Some samples of EDC graphic work: Before & After

Autumn 2017 hours: | NOTE vacation 11 Sept - 25 Sept
Monday through Thursday Friday
Available 4 days, in-office 2 days (variable)
Need to meet in person? Just ask!
Email only (office closed)


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