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ATM S 211 Fall Quarter 2004
Climate and Climate Change
SeaWiFS Antactic ozone hole 2000 The blue marble Ice shelf North Pacific Low
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Proxy data of the week competition (extra credit)

Tree rings as proxy climate data, contributed by Theodore Hong

Mexican cypress tree rings. Photo by Peter Browntree data
Average tree-ring widths of bristle cone pines from the White Mountains, CA. Redrawn from La Marche, 1974.
From Fritts, 1976, Tree Rings and Climate

Since tree growth is influence by climatic conditions, patterns in tree-ring widths, density, and isotopic composition reflect variations in climate. In temperate regions where there is distinct growing seasons, trees generally produce one ring a year, and thus record the climatic conditions of each year. Trees can grow to be hundreds to thousands of years old and can contain annually-resolved records of climate for centuries to millennia.

Last week's record was about - Historic Data contributed by Tatiana Feldcherova


The picture on the left shows the fossilized resins of confier trees, also known as amber, with a  45 million year old mosquito entombed. Ancient DNA can be analyzed from these sambles, as well as tiny preserved gas bubbles.
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UW Physics prof and science fiction author story

Class Meeting Times and Location: Monday-Thursday from 10:30 to 11:20 am in Bagley Hall (BAG) 154 plus Section on Friday from 10:30 to 11:20 on one of the following:

Section AA in Mary Gates Hall (MGH) 231

Section AB in Anderson (AND) 008

Instructor: Cecilia Bitz
Phone: (206) 543-1339
Office: Room 428 in the Atmospheric Sciences Building
Office hours: Tuesdays 12:30-1:30, or by appointment

Teaching Assistant: Tomislav Maric
Phone: (206) 685-9134
Office: Room 623 in the Atmospheric Sciences Building
Office hours: Friday 11:45-12:45

Teaching Assistant: Terry Kubar
Phone: (206) 685-9303
Office: Room 714 in the Atmospheric Sciences Building
Office hours: Monday 11:45-12:45

Class Description
This is an introductory course for nonscience majors on climate and climate change.  The first part of the class will cover the processes controlling the climate, including the interactions between the atmosphere, the oceans, the solid earth, and the biosphere.  Next the course will focus on the climate history of the past.  Finally, the course study will include a number of issues related to global change including global warming, stratospheric ozone depletion, and global air pollution.

See the syllabus for a more detailed description.


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